Switzerland’s ambassador in Bulgaria awards Dr.Vanyo Vezirov

Switzerland’s ambassador in Bulgaria awards Dr.Vanyo

Young doctor who developed a 3D printer for bone implants is being
awarded. The innovation prize will be given personally by Switzerland’s
ambassador in Bulgaria – Her Majesty Muriel Berset Kohen, during the Class of 2019
graduation ceremony at the Medical University of Sofia. The ceremony will be
taking place at Hall 1 at NDK.

“At this moment with this printer we are doing three things. Anatomical
models that are used so the students can learn on them. Surgical models that
print out the injury of the patient so the doctors can experiment and practice
the following operation on it. We have an upcoming knee joint operation on
the dog.” – said Vanyo Vezirov for “Trud”. The young doctor has set a
deadline for 36 months to start producing bone implants for people as well.
“This requires much more resources and a few more licenses. I hope that
slowly but surely we will succeed. So far we have received financing from the
“European Institute of Innovation & Technology” however we still need
more funding.” – the young doctor commented.
Awards will be given to six more medical students who graduated with
excellent grades. They will be given 2800 leva each. These prizes will be
given from the heritage of Dr. Andrei Georgiev. Diplomas will be given to 442
young doctors. The Bulgarian graduates are 237 and the foreigners – 205.
The graduation ceremony of MU Sofia will be hosted by the pediatric
anesthesiologist from “Pirogov” – Dr. Blagomir Zdravkov. Dr. Zdravkov is a
2009 graduate and that was exactly 10 years ago. He chose to stay and
develop in Bulgaria. He is partnering with the journalist Evelina Pavlova.
Musical host of the event will be the “Tenor” trio.
“I accepted this invitation from Cvetelina Uzunova because this is a thrilling
moment for graduates and their close friends and family. I will never forget
our graduation. Medical University of Sofia gives solid knowledge and all of
us – its students, we are proud of our faculty. It will be an honor for me to
congratulate our new colleagues” – stated Dr. Zdravkov.